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Huge range of gummi bears and more!

We can all agree that gummi bears pretty much defined our childhoods. That's why Shindigs stock a huge range of gummi lollies and gummi bears in bulk. Perfect for loot boxes, lolly bags, and festive noodle boxes for takeaway party favours. 

Our gummi bears come in loads of different styles and flavours to mix things up for your event. We have standard 180g packets of gummi bears for those of who like their classic gummi flavours or if you like your bears to have a bit of bite, try our kilo bags of sour gummi bears

Got your head in the clouds? You will soon because we've got loads of differently flavoured cloud gummis in stock. Blueberry clouds are always a major crowd pleaser and they come in packets of up to 1kg. If you're going for a spooky Halloween theme, we've got cola flavoured black clouds that are going to liven up your Halloween party bags

Speaking of Halloween and horror-themed fiestas, we've got the creepiest confectionary on the market. You're bound to freak out your friends with zombie gummi eyeballs, gruesome gummi body parts, and creepy Halloween bites (lots of bites - this packet has 100 pieces!). 

Need a hand choosing which gummi product is right for your party? Call us on (02) 4950 9561 and we'll help. 

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