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Buy balloons and balloon accessories online from Shindigs party shop.  Great prices and fast Australia wide delivery. 

Want to host a Bob the Builder party? Shindigs stocks thousands of online party supplies. If you're specifically after construction party supplies and ideas then you've come to the right place. 


What little boy or girl doesn't love construction vehicles... and dirt?  If your little 'builder' is having a birthday soon, then he or she will love a construction themed birthday party!  There are so many great construction party and game ideas for tons of fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 


Step one: invite the crew with our cute builder invitations


Step two: creating a construction zone
Use a chalkboard sign to direct your little construction workers to the party. You could even decorate the area with hard hats to really help them get into the spirit. 


Step three: feeding your hungry workers 
It's important your little workers are well fed and hydrated and there's no reason your food can't be fun and become part of the decoration of the party. Start with party plates, napkins and throw in some of our construction themed tableware.  

Your workers deserve the best. If you want to be a little creative, then place yellow and black plastic cutlery into a bin marked as 'tools'. Want to take is a step further? Have duct tape? Use white or black duct tape around orange plastic cups to resemble traffic cones. 

What about the rubbish? Your little workers will need someone to put all the scraps, make sure you have a yellow bag available to throw scraps into when finished. 


Step four: displaying food 
Who doesn't love good looking food? Amaze your construction workers with Tonka trucks, tool boxes and tool trays to display finger foods and dips.  

Theming the display of the food and the food itself will amaze your guests. Use (new and clean!) Tonka trucks, tool boxes and tool trays to display finger foods and dips.  You could even have some dry food in a bowl and pouring out of the tilt tray of a hard working Tonka truck. 

Label your food groups with construction names: label a bowl (or truck) of cheese and bacon balls as wrecking balls, a plate of bread rolls could be boulders, choc rocks could become gravel, red licorice becomes pipes, a cup of crushed chocolate biscuits or chocolate cake crumbs and cookies and cream ice cream could be called dirt. Let your creative mind run wild. 


Step 5: The cake
When it's time for 'smoko', your guests will love a chocolate 'dirt' cake. You could even style the cake with small construction toys. 


Step 6: Entertainment
While your workers are on break, entertain them with a construction pinata. You could even create a construction version of pin the tail. 


Step: Ensure your constructions workers get a prize for their hard work throughout the day 
Ensure no worker goes home empty-handed after a hard day's 'work - fill a work bucket with goodies and little trucks or grazers, or if you love to bake, these cookies would make the cutest party favours sitting in the tray of a little truck


You'll be sure to scoop up some great construction party decorations and supplies when you visit Shindigs. 

If you dig any of these great construction party ideas, click on the images for more information, or visit our Construction Party Ideas board on Pinterest

And now that smoko is over, let's get back to work!

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