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Live the life of luxury with our gold party decorations!


Not all that glitters is gold... but it sure will sparkle with our range of gold party decorations. Add the Midas touch to your next event and decorate the venue with shiny, glittering gold supplies. It'll be the most expensive looking party your guests have ever been to (at a fraction of the price). 



Gatsby? What Gatsby?



There are countless golden themes to decorate. For example, a Great Gatsby Party would be nothing without a splash of gold. Slip on your golden satin gloves, rock a gold flapper headband (complete with feathers and sequins, of course) and pop another bottle of champaign. A little party never killed nobody! Don't forget to serve snacks and treats on shiny gold foil plates for a taste of luxury.



Gold decorations are perfect for Masquerades!



A fun idea to incorporate gold is a Masquerade Party. Guests can be whoever they want to be hiding behind glamourous, glittering masks and feather boas. Don't forget to fill gold balloons with helium and hang shimmering gold ribbon from the ceiling for an air of romantic mystery - who will you see across the room?



Looking for something simple theme that's easy to decorate? A Black and Gold Party is always popular. It screams class and sophistication while the cocktails flow. Blow up some black and gold sparkle balloons, arm all the guests with gold party poppers and have everyone dress in their black-and-gold best. You'll be sure to remember the event in your golden days.



Get creative with our range of gold party supplies. Need help checking out? Give us a call on (02) 4950 9561 or leave a message in the Live Support Chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. We're always happy to help our customers.



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