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Birthday Pinatas Online

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Large range of cheap pinatas to choose from for your next birthday

Who doesn't love a pinata?  One of the most popular party games of all time, the pinata has entertained kids of all ages for many years.  Shindigs stocks a wide range of cheap pinatas and pinata accessories for almost any occasion!  Shindigs has a great range of pinatas including licenced pinatas, numeral pinatas and generic themed pinatas.  For all those wishing to hit the pinata untill it breaks open, Shindigs offers the buster and blindfold required to make your game a success.  For those wishing for a less 'violent option', Shindigs also carries a range of pull-string pinatas.

Our most popular pinatas include the traditional burro pinata, the traditional bull pinata, 3D princess castle pinata, and the treasure chest pinata.  All pinatas arrive to our store empty to allow our customers to fill their pinata with anything of their choice depending on the occasion - you probably wouldn't fill your pinata with the same things each time!  We carry a large range of pinata fillers and accessories including novelties, confectionery and confetti, to make the filling of your pinata a breeze.  Most pinatas have a white circular sticker somewhere towards the top - under that sticker is a small pre-cut hole for you to put your goodies into the pinata.  Once filled you can cover the hole back up of just leave it open...most of the time if you pinata is hung up somewhere the hole will not be visible anyway.  All pinatas come with a plastic loop at the top to allow for easy installation using a hook or piece of string.

If your pinata is being featured at a kid's party consider having an area cleared and roped off to avoid any accidents - kid's get very excited during games and tend to crowd in closer...not good with a swinging buster!  If your pinata is for an adult party, consider blinfolding your guests before they have their turn to increase the difficulty of the game.  Some hosts like to spin their guest to ensure the fun continues - be sure to have your camera handy!  Another fun idea is to attach the pinata with a long piece of string and loop it over a beam or hook and then attach it to something secure - this way you can pull the string if you guest gets too close too quickly, thus moving the pinata and thoroughly confusing them!

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