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Creating an impressive Halloween costume!

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that soon enough everybody will be getting their costumes ready! Costumes can range from simple to something truly impressive, but with a little help from this handy blog guide, we here at Shindigs can help your costume be a memorable one! By using full costumes, costume accessories, hats and face paints among other things, your costume is sure to be spookily good! (Warning: this blog may contain some scary costumes. You've been warned!)


First off, you need a costume idea (kind of goes without saying, but still...) When it comes to options for a Halloween costume, you're truly spoilt for choice. Vampires, witches and devils (oh my!) along with animal costumes, zombies, ghosts - the list is truly endless! You could even choose a costume that doesn't have inherent spookiness (cowboy or hippie costumes, anyone?), but when it comes to creating really impressive costumes, sometimes having a basis in the nightmarish serves you well (trust us, we know our costumes!)


Once you've got the costume idea, then you can start searching for the bibs and bobs to create a fully rounded costume! Luckily, most Halloween costume ideas can be found already together in costume packs (too easy!) However, certain extras that'll add some authenticity to the costume often are sold separately. Whether it be hats, headbands, masks, stockings, weapons and other props, adding these to a full costume will elevate any costume from good to the real deal! 


Once you've got your articles of clothing for the costume (as well as the optional extras) you might find that some artistry is just what you need. That's right - some face paint and special effects make-up to give your costume some extra scariness! Fake blood dripping from the mouth is a must for a vampire costume, some white and green face paint to create a sickly looking zombie, liquid latex to create some battle scars - face paint and make-up is your best friend when it comes to creating a memorable Halloween costume!


These make-up effects don't necessarily have to be on your face, either. Some bite marks on your neck or some gross veins showing in your hand, like in the pictures below. So cool!


If you're a novice when it comes to this stuff, never fear (leave that for until the party!) There's heaps of tutorials on Youtube on how to use special effects make-up (liquid latex is especially versatile for creating scary effects) and the containers often have easy to follow directions on how to use them. (And you thought it would be difficult!)

Now that your costume is complete, the Halloween party planning can begin! Decorations, treats, party favours - lots to do! (But don't worry, we promise it's quite a lot of fun, too!) 

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