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International Talk Like a Pirate Day – How to dress and talk like a pirate!!!

Ahoy there Me Hearty’s, Batten down the hatches because September 19th marks International Talk like a Pirate Day. This is largely recognised as a major fundraiser and to raise awareness for The Childhood Cancer Support organisation but also just for a bit of fun and to keep pirattitude alive. Argh Shiver me timbers, this quick and handy blog will give you a few key sayings to heave ho into your everyday language as well as show you the right costumes to wear for the occasion so you don’t hornswaggle your way out of it.

Avast Ye old scallywags! Shindigs have a wide range of Adults and Kids costumes to show your colours and get savvy for the day. Whether you’re a lumbering landlubber or a seasoned seadog, we’ve got all the Pirate costume supplies you’ll need to walk the plank. Complete the look with our Pirate Hook hands, Gloves, Spyglasses, and pirate loot bags - just don’t let them young rapscallions pillage em or you’ll start a mutiny!


Full Pirate Costumes, cutlass swords, head scarfs, boot covers, Pirate Captain Hats – we’ve got all the booty even a parrot! We have female pirate costumes for the lasses too! Lace Eye patches to add that bit of class and buxom wench outfits. 

Blimey Matey! If you’re not into dress ups don’t panic you can easily create a simple costume to get you’re sea legs going, especially with this Faux Real Shirt. Add an eyepatch and a beard and all you old salts will be three sheets to the wind! Buy your costume online right here in Australia. 


Take your picture or walk the plank!! Every good dress up needs some photographic evidence, these Pirate themed photo props will have all your little scoundrels looking their pirate best (even those that didn’t dress up). So raise that jolly rogger ye swabbler and Talk like a pirate on Tuesday 19th September. Buy your party costumes online at