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Clowns for Halloween 2017!

Shop at Shindigs for Halloween 2017 for your entire Evil Clown Costumes, Masks and Accessories and try to scare the wits out of everyone you know. With the recent release of the ‘It’ movie, Scary Clown costumes have soared in popularity (admittedly, not clowns of the nice variety) and with a few key pieces you can even dress up like Pennywise himself (if you’re feeling brave enough…)


Here at Shindigs, we’ve got plenty of freaky Clown costumes (pleasant and unpleasant) to make sure your Halloween costume is truly terrifying! Our large range of Creepy Latex Masks is a huge hit with our customers! From Claude, to Freckles to the Joker himself, these masks will be enough to freak out even the most unspookable guest!

There is also some costume accessories that no clown must go without – clown wigs and hats, horns, squeaky noses, squirting flowers and of course Red Balloons! Coordinate these with one of the clown masks and you’ve got yourself one Killer Clown Costume! If you are keen to create your own clown look this Halloween, Shindigs has a ton of make-up accessories that can be used to create your very own clown disguise! Face paint, clown make-up kits (and maybe some fake blood and horror make-up effects for a less friendly clown look…) and more! Check out our full make-up range here for some inspiration!

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos circulating social media of the piggy back inflatable costumes. Well, have we got a treat for you this Halloween - the Piggy Back Inflatable Sinister Clown Costume is now in stock but is sure to sell out quickly. We have Kids Halloween costumes in the scary clown theme too, so the whole family can cackle with laughter when spooking the neighbours.


Clowns are a staple Halloween costume and we’ve got everything you need to create a memorable and scary clown costume for Halloween 2017! Drop by or shop for your Halloween costumes online at and we’ll have you clowning around in no time!