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Gold & Silver Party Decorations for Every Occasion!

If you’re looking to throw an elegant party on a budget, gold & silver party ware is the way to go! Whether it be matte gold & silver items, or items with some shiny foil on them, they’re bound to add some sophistication to any affair!


Here at Shindigs, we’ve got a growing range of gold & silver party supplies that work for heaps of different occasions, including baby showers, engagements, 1st birthday parties and so many more! This handy little blog will help provide some inspiration and ideas for anyone planning a gold & silver party, so feast your eyes on all of the shiny delights within!


Gold & silver decorations always look a treat, as the colours essentially go with any theme and other colours. They could include hanging decorations in gold or silver, balloons in gold or silver, or any other decorations in gold or silver that you can think of!


The same goes for the cups (gold/silver), napkins (gold/silver), tablecovers (gold/silver) and other tableware & cutlery (gold/silver.) We even have gold & silver party tableware with white polka dots, which is perfect for combining with some pinks & blues for a 1st birthday party or a baby shower!


As for sweet treats, you could use some gold cake glitter to cover some cupcakes that have buttercream icing on top – so simple, yet so elegant! You could also use some foil gold or silver cupcake cases to add some true wow to the cupcakes! We also have heaps of silver number cake toppers that could be used for any age birthday party cakes – either to decorate the top cupcakes on a cupcake stand or for decorating one large cake!


There’s heaps of other things that you can use for a gold or silver party – be sure to check out our full range of gold & silver party items for everything you need for a shiny special occasion!