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Letter & Number Foil Balloons - Send a Message with Balloons!

Looking to send a message at your next occasion? Why not try some letter/message foil balloons? These balloons are by far our most popular foil balloons – whether they’re for an engagement party, an 18th / 21st party, or even for a graduation celebration, everyone loves a good message conveyed through the medium of balloons!




Our foil supershape number & letter balloons are exactly what the name suggests – super! These larger than life balloons are sure to be a big hit at any occasion and they’re sure to be noticed by everyone – you can’t miss ‘em! They come in a range of colours and can be used in arrangements with other balloons underneath, or by themselves (either way, they definitely make a statement!)




We also have lots of smaller message foil balloons that still make a big statement, even though they take up less space! For example, our rose gold ‘love’ foil balloons are so popular for engagements and weddings, and our ‘baby’ foil balloons are perfect for any baby shower! We also have individual letters and numbers in these smaller foil balloons – perfect for creating any message! PLEASE NOTE: These smaller foil balloons can ONLY BE FILLED WITH AIR – THEY ARE NOT LARGE ENOUGH TO BE FILLED WITH HELIUM. Once inflated with air, these balloons can be threaded on to ribbon and hung up like a banner – too easy!




Check out our full range of balloons today – there’s a balloon for every occasion!


These balloons are available through our website, however inflated balloons cannot be purchased through our online store; inflated balloons can only be organised in-store, or over the phone on (02) 4950 9561. Inflated balloons can be picked up from our shop in Lambton (Newcastle, NSW), or they can be delivered in the Newcastle, NSW area (please note, a delivery fee will apply.)