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Balloon care in the heat!

The heat in Australia can be scorching, but we Aussies will still party no matter the temperature! Unfortunately the helium inside balloons can expand rapidly in the heat, meaning that party balloons may not last for very long unless they’re well taken care of. 

When picking balloons up from our store, a customer must do so in a car with air conditioning to create a comfortable (not cold) temperature for balloon transport.

Similarly, the venue will need to be a comfortable (not cold) environment for optimum balloon conditions. If the balloons are too cold, they will shrink or look deflated. Please note, balloons will not last outside in cases of extreme heat.

Here at Shindigs, we always do our best to inflate the balloons as late as possible prior to the booked collection time and make sure the balloons are looking their best when they leave the store. Once they leave our store, they are out of our control meaning that we unfortunately cannot take responsibility for the balloons once they leave the store.

If you have any queries regarding balloons, please call us on (02) 4950 9561 and one of our balloon staff will be able to help you out.