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Organising Balloons for any Occasion!

When it comes to organising balloons for a party, it can become a fairly technical endeavour. You have to choose from foil balloons, latex balloons, small balloons, large balloons – and then there’s the ribbons and everything else that balloons entail! We here at Shindigs have been doing balloons for years and are used to panicked customers who are not sure what balloons to get for their party. This handy little blog will help any frazzled party planner get the balloons ready for any occasion!


First things first, coordinating balloons to a theme or colour scheme. It may be incredibly obvious, but if the party has a theme or colour scheme, then the first major hurdle has already been cleared. If it’s a theme, you can use foils or latex balloons in the theme – these can be placed at the top of balloon arrangements, or tied to weights by themselves. There are also plain coloured foil balloons that can be used alongside latex balloons, which can be either metallic (shiny) or standard (matte.)


If it’s a birthday party, there are specific age birthday foils and latex that can be used in arrangements or loose on ribbons.

Speaking of arrangements and loose balloons, choosing which style you want depends on what you’re using them for. If they’re to put over a dancefloor, hang from the ceiling or to attach photos to, you’ll probably need loose balloons on ribbons. For balloons to put on tables, or on the floor around a party area, arrangements tied down to weights are the way to go.


The balloons that have been mentioned are either foils or 28cm latex balloons, but there are other options. We often create smaller decorations for customers using 12cm latex balloons, small boxes, balloon weights and picks. These options can be creative outlets for party planners to construct some truly unique and understated party decorations. They don’t take up too much space, but they definitely make a statement!


If you’re in the Newcastle area, you can come on in or call us on 02 4950 9561 to talk about balloons for your occasion. If you’re elsewhere in Australia, you can order our products online and easily access helium at your local florist to create some DIY balloon marvels!

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