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Decorating for Book Week


Each year, schools across Australia celebrate Book Week, where every child can celebrate (and even dress up as) their favourite book character. This year's theme is 'Australia! Story Country.' School teachers and parents can help their kids dress up and also decorate to put everyone in the mood for Book Week! Whther it be a certain very hungry caterpillar made out of balloons, or a magical doorway leading to where the wild things are, Book Week decorations ensure that every child's imagination will be running wild and free (it may even get the adults grabbing a childhood favourite to reread it!)


Given that the theme is Australia, decorating in the theme of some classic Australian children's books is a must! Whether it's Blinky Bill, Possum Magic, Diary of a Wombat, The Magic Pudding or any of the numerous others that deserve the title 'classic' - you're spoilt for choice with this theme! You could even do something similar to the koalas hiding in the tree in the photo below - clever, easy and wonderful!


Check out our extensive range of decorations for inspiration and don't forget to check out our Book Week costumes as well (when it comes to Book Week, we've got you covered!)