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DIY Fortnite Party!


You’ve heard about it on the news and in the papers, the latest trend to take over the gaming world is FORTNITE.

By having a read of this handy blog, a little extra glue, some paint and your imagination you’ll be able to create some key items to set the Fortnite theme for your next party.


From our research and queries to multiple suppliers, unfortunately there aren’t any official Fortnite party supplies out there in the party world just yet... however, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your creative hat on and make a few items using some of our everyday party supplies. We do have a range of Generic Army/Camo print items including plates, napkins and cups which could be the base items for a Fortnite party – after all the game is about hiding, building, and shooting.

We also have a handful of costume accessories to dress up in your favourite skins - Killer Bunny, Skull Trooper, Hamburger man, Camo Hats and Dog Tags, Various Axes and Guns. To find all of these wonderful items on our website simply type in ‘Fortnite’ into the top search bar and these items will appear.

Here is a list of some of our most simple and favourite ideas:





The main centrepiece item you’ll need at your Fortnite party is of course the Llama. To create this all you need is our Burro Piñata, a few different colours of crepe paper, scissors, a black marker and some glue.

Simple, right? Keep reading for some extra tips on making a Fortnite Piñata.

First things first, remove the rainbow coloured tissue paper that covers the piñata so you’re left with a brown llama shaped box. From here you can create the exact Fortnite llama shape by adding his lower mouth with some extra cardboard.

Start cutting the four colours (Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Purple and Lilac) of crepe paper into 7cm wide strips and then cut the ‘flares’ upwards to about 4cm (you can cut these as thick or as thin as you prefer – there is no right or wrong here), glue these pieces all over the piñata in horizontal lines following the pattern from top to bottom Lilac, Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Lilac, Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Purple and so on and so forth until you reach the legs (use Royal Blue to cover all four legs).

Once completed it’s time to add the accessories, these can all be achieved using plain white paper, some coloured textas and precise cutting skills – he needs two eyes, a brown reign to go around his head and mouth and his back pack with upwards arrows. 


Now all you have to do is the fill him up with all your favourite lollies, bring out the piñata buster and blindfold. Stand back and let the piñata fun begin.

As Fortnite is frequently updating their game play, skins and accessories we will continue to add items into this section once they become available. Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on all our latest products and newest party trends. Head over to our Pinterest page for more Fortnite party ideas and access to the free printables online.

Get ready to drop at tilted towers and practise your favourite dance moves because your next birthday party will be a Fortnite extravaganza!!!!