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Christmas in July

 Christmas everyone’s favourite holiday? Do you love it so much that once a year is just not enough? Celebrate in our winter months and have a White Christmas in July!! (well maybe not White but definitely cooler)
Trade in the traditional Aussie Christmas from beach trips and BBQ’s for hot roast dinners, marshmallows and Hot Chocolate in front of a crackling fire and of course Snow Ball Fights!!
It’s the best time of year for businesses to hold their own Christmas parties not only does it give their staff a mid-year break (because who isn’t refreshed after Christmas Holidays) but it’s also the best chance to get all your staff together before the go on their Family vacations. You can buy all your Christmas in July party ware right here from Shindigs!!

Now don’t be worried about putting a tree up twice in one year (we don’t need anyone having bad luck next year) there are plenty of solutions to still get a tree in your living room. Or just use this time of year as an excuse to have a dinner party with all your friends and serve some great Christmas themed party food.

Now most importantly Christmas in July is the best reminder that December is only a short 5 months away and it’s time to start all that Christmas shopping and get in the spirit early. Have a look at our Pinterest page for more amazing ideas to get you in the Christmas spirit early.