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Confetti Party Poppers for Every Occasion!

Looking to celebrate any occasion with a bang? Our confetti party poppers will do just the thing! So perfect for baby showers, retirements, stage shows, farewell & welcome back parties and, of course, New Year’s Eve! Our poppers come in all different shapes and sizes and many come in handy bulk packs for bigger events!

Many of our party poppers are ‘twist poppers’, which means that they work by twisting the base and the body of the party popper in opposite directions to release the confetti. We’ve also got the classic party poppers with a string attached; simply pull the string on these ones and a little flurry of confetti will be ejected (along with a loud bang noise.)



We’ve even got some 60cm party poppers that spray confetti up to 5-8 metres in the air! These are particularly popular for stage shows due to the big impact they have! Please note, these 60cm poppers are only available in-store, as we cannot send them in the post for online orders.



Check out our range of party poppers online, or come in store to check them all out (plus our 60cm poppers) – they’re sure to be a big hit for heaps of different occasions!

Please always ensure to use party confetti poppers with care and never point them directly at someone, as this can cause injury.