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Party Games - Not Just for Kids!

Now that Spring has sprung and party season has well and truly begun, it’s time for many people to start planning celebrations as the year comes to an end! We’ve still got Oktoberfest, Halloween, Christmas and NYE to go, after all! Some fun games are a must at any occasion and most party games aren’t just for kids! This little blog is here to help you entertain your party guests with some joyous activities that they’ll be talking about long after the party ends!


It’s easy to create your own party games that everyone will love – all you need is some imagination and equipment! Shaking the ping pong balls out of a tissue box (tied around someone’s waist) will have the guests crying with laughter! Then there’s night-time bowling (with a soft ball and some water bottles filled with glow sticks!) Ring toss using empty beer bottles and inflatable rings is always fun. And don’t forget – the old classics like Charades and Pictionary still have their charm!


Not all adult party games have to be mature (we’re all young at heart, after all!) For instance, using balloons tied to weights as targets in an all-out Nerf gun war is sure to please all of the guests!


The old classic guessing games (e.g. how many jelly beans are in the jar) are still popular for a reason – any game with food is a game worth playing! Speaking of, the hilarious ‘Face the Cookie’ game, where players start with a biscuit on their forehead and have to get it in their mouth without using their hands (not the most dignified game, but sure to incite raucous laughter!)


Check out our range of party games (naughty Hen’s Night games and supplies available here!) and supplies online at Shindigs – there’s ideas and inspiration aplenty awaiting you there!