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Photo Booth Backdrops and Props

At almost every party or special occasion, people love to take photos with other guests! Having a central spot where people can take photos can make things easier for all of the keen photographers and nothing makes that central spot more obvious than a backdrop! Simply blu tack a backdrop to a wall and everyone will be posing in front of it in no time!


Shindigs has got heaps of photo backdrops and scene setters that’ll work for any occasion! These come in various different styles and are so easy to use – simply stick them to a wall, and you can make some photo magic! Use some handheld photo props for some extra fun (who doesn’t love a silly photo?) Some brilliant costume accessories (think hats, glasses and wigs) will also ensure everyone gets into the spirit of things (not to mention make everyone even more photogenic!)


Check out our full range online, or visit us in-store – we’ll help you find the perfect backdrop for any shindig!