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Fun Baby Shower Games

Having been to a few baby showers now, I thought I'd share some of the baby shower games that we have played as well as some unique games I have read about throughout my travels online.  We have also begun to collect many baby shower ideas on our new Pinterest page, so feel free to pop on over once you have finished here.  These game idea will make it easy for you to organise games to play at your baby shower, and may even inspire you to come up with some new game ideas yourself that you can share with us!  So here they are - the top 20 baby shower games:

1) Baby Diaper Game
As disgusting as I find this game (being an aunty not a mum), it is pretty hilarious to watch everyone sniffing diapers (or nappies as some of us call them) with a curious look on their faces.  Makes for some great photos.  The idea of this game is to gather about 6 nappies and to put some kind of brown food substance in the bottom and have your guests take turns to write down what they think it is.  Some versions of this game have different kinds of chocolate and you have to taste them as well, but the first version was a little easier on my stomach!  Our host had put things like soy sauce, satay sauce, sesame oil, vegemite into the nappies for eveyone to guess...you could tell the mothers, they were the ones that said things like 'oh this isn't a healthy baby'!  Much to my amusement we won that game, I guess a love of food and cooking paid off.  If you are not a mother like me and don't have spare nappies on hand, Shindigs sells a little kit for this game as well as 2 other games that can be played with the diapers.

2) Don't Say a Word
This game is especially funny is you have a bunch of drunk aunties trying to trick each other and getting lost (this actually did happen at one of the baby showers I attended) - this game begins when everyone walk in the door - each guest is given 5-10 pegs which they peg to their collar.  The host lets everyone know that their are 1-5 words that are not allowed to be spoken during the whole baby shower - words like 'mum', 'baby', 'cute', 'birth' and 'toys'.  During the course of the baby shower the guests are not allowed to say these words - if someone catches them they get to take a peg from that player.  The person at the end with the most pegs wines a prize.  This game is harder than you think, especially once the baby shower gets going and everyone relaxes - but be warned there is always a competetive person lying in wait! 

3) My Water Broke!
This game makes for some hilarious random calling out during the baby shower.  All you need to do is freeze a mini baby in an ice cube and make sure that each guest has an ice cube baby in their drink.  When the ice melts and their baby floats, your guests have to yell "My water broke!".  Prizes can be given out to the first guests who call out or to the funniest announcement given.

4) Baby Shower Word Game
Give all of your guests a blank piece of paper and a pen and ask them to write down the alphabet in a list.  Have your guests write down a baby related word beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  This is harder than you would think...and again you can tell the mothers and the nurses as they get very creative with their words, while us non-mothers struggled!  The first guest to finish gets a prize, you can also have your guests read their lists out and give a prize to the most creative list.

5) How many? 
This one is an easy and quick game to play and is a great one to play while everyone is eating.  Fill a baby bottle or bottle bank with jelly babies or jelly beans and have your guests guess how many are in the bottle.  The closest guess wins a prize.

6) Baby Artists
This game is guaranteed to have your guests in stitches!  Hand out a paper plate to everyone and tell them that they are going to draw a picture of a baby.....with the plate on their head!  Make sure you have your camera ready as your guests race to draw their babies.  Mum-to-be gets to choose the best drawing but make sure everyone gets to see the works of art - there are sure so be some hilarious results!  Alternatively you could get your guests to draw a baby on a piece of paper with their other hand (not their writing hand)..make it harder by telling them that they have to draw the baby upside down!

7) Picture Game
This game is a baby variation of Pictionary and can be played in teams of two or more.  It can more fun to have 2 boards out the front so that everyone can see whats being drawn.  Before the baby shower think of some action based words relating to babies - it can be things like 'burping', 'feeding', 'sleeping', 'playing' or 'changing nappies'.  Just like Pictionary, your guests have to draw these actions so that their team can guess the word.  The first team member to call the right answer gets a point for the team  and the the team with the most points wins.

8) Drinking Game
This game is possibly the funniest game I have come across so far.  Fill some baby bottles with juice and your guests have to race each other to drink the contents of the bottle.  They are not allowed to take the top off either...so this will be one slow race for your bottle drinking guests!  Make sure your camera is handy, there are sure to be some hilarious photo opportunities which can make great personalised thank you cards later on.

9) Baby's Face
This game will definitely have your guests rolling with laughter as they create the new baby's face!  Before the baby shower, take a photo of mum and dad separately (making sure they face front on and each face is printed the same size).  Print a few copies of each face and cut them into stips separating mum and dad's forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and chin.  Then have your guests create the new baby's face by mixing and matching the pieces and sticking them to a piece of paper.  Make it easy for your guests by pre-preparing the strips with sticky dots so that all they have to do is peel the backing off and stick the strips down.  Mum-to-be gets to choose the best looking face, however there should be a prize for the oddest looking baby...there are sure to be a few!

10) Baby Basket
Get a washing basket or other large container or wagon and fill it with lots of small baby- related items (at least 30 pieces is good).  They could be items like a pacifier (dummy), a peg, a sock, a doll or teddy, a safety pin, a thermometer, a baby spoon, a bottle or anything else you can think of.  Then have your guests come up a few at a time and give them 20 seconds to look in the basket.  When their 20 seconds is up, your guests have to go back to their seat and write down as many items as they can remember.  The guest with the most remembered wins a prize.

11) Play Dough Baby
This is more of a hands on game for your guests and is possibly better played after everyone has eaten.  Either buy or make some play dough, it would be nice to make sure they are different colours maybe even match them to the colour theme of your baby shower.  Then have your guests design a baby.  You can either make this a race with the first to finish as the winner or just allow your guests to design their babies sometime during the baby shower and place them on a designated table when they are done.  Mum-to-be gets to choose the best designed baby.

12) Baby Word Jumble
Choose 15-20 baby related words and jumble them up before the baby shower.  Your guests have to un-jumble the words and the first to finish wins.  The easiest way to jumble the words is to alphabetise the letters in each word, or if you don't have the time to create this game, Shindigs has a baby shower word game pack with 2 word games per pack.

13) Who is Who?
When you send out the invitations, ask your guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby to the baby shower.  When they arrive have your guests give you their pictures and before you display the pictures, assign each photo a number.  It could be cute to peg the photos up on a mini 'clothes line' or you can just stick them up on the wall.  The guests are given a piece of paper and have to write down who is who.  When everyone is done, reveal the identities of each baby - the guest with the most correct wins!

14) Taste Test
It can be hard to work out what is in jars of baby food, so this would be a fun and interesting game to play.  Buy about 6 jars of baby food that have very different flavours and have your guests guess 1-6 what each flavour is.  A hygenic way to play this game would be to place teaspoons with the baby food on a plate in front of each unlabelled jar so that your guests can perform their taste tests without 'double dipping'.  The guest with the most accurate answers wins.

15) Feeding Baby
This game can have hilarious if messy results, so be sure to let your guests know this in advance!  Place participating guests placed into pairs, and then, one pair at a time, blindfold both guests and have them take it in turns to feed each other, using baby food or apple sauce!  This is guaranteed to have the onlookers in hysterics as the team try to feed each other blindfolded!  The team that finish their 'feeding' first wins!  Keep the cameras rolling for this game for some great and hilarious memories, you may also want to let the players wear bibs, just in case!

16) How Big Is Mummy's Tummy?
This game is a nice and quick game that can be played without too much messing around or fuss.  Pass around a roll of ribbon or string and a pair of scissors so that each guest can guess how big the mum-to-be's tummy is.  The closest guess wins.  Shindigs has a tummy measure tape available online, which is perfect for this game.

17) The Problem-Solution Game
This game will have some hilarious 'solutions' for your guests to read out!  Hand out 2 small pieces of paper and ask your guests to write a possible problem the mum-to-be may come across in the early years and then a possible solution for that problem - for example the problem 'Mum isn't getting enough sleep' and the solution 'Dad can take over' or the problem 'baby keeps crying' and the solution ' give her a bottle'.  Then have the guests place their problems in one bowl and their solutions in another so that they all get mixed up.  Each guest gets to pick one problem and one solution from the bowls.  have your guests take turns in reading their problems and solutions out for some hilrious results like: 'Mum isn't getting enough sleep...give her a bottle'!  The nice thing about this game is that it is just for fun with no winners as such - unless of course you want to choose the funniest as the winner!

18) No Um Baby Word Game
Have all of your guests sit in a circle and start with mum-to-be who has to say a word that is baby related.  Each guest has to then take turns to say another baby related word that hasn't already been said without saying 'um' or hesitating too long...as each guest says 'um' or takes to long to think of a word, they sit out until you have a winner (the only person left).  This game starts off easy but gets harder the longer it plays out.

19) Pin The Pacifier on The Baby
This is a great baby shower version of the traditional Pin the tail on the donkey where your guests will attempt to pin the pacifier to the baby's mouth.  There are many ways to add a little fun to this game including blindfolding and spinning your guests to change the level of difficulty.

20) Changing Baby's Nappy
This is a fun game for everyone to play...and is harder than you might think.  The idea is to have several dolls and nappies circulating around (guests can take it it turns).  The guests have to race each other to put on the 'baby's ' nappy - blindfolded!  Not being a mother and in a group of mostly mothers I thought I would not do so well at this game, but I did quite well, surprisingly!  This game can be altered for the guests to take off one nappy and put another nappy on, depending on how difficult you want to make it for your guests...it's amazing how competitive everyone gets with this game!

So there's the list!!!  20 of the best baby shower games I have found or played - varying levels of fun, involvement and mess!  Are there any not on the list that you think are worth mentioning?  Please share your game ideas with us, we'd love to hear about any other baby shower games that are being played.  If you are looking for any baby shower decorations or other games, visit Shindigs.com.au for 100's of great baby shower products and ideas!