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Grab a Beer! Oktoberfest is here! Prost!

In the 21st century, we’re more globally connected than ever and as Aussie’s what better occasion is there to honour our multicultural country than celebrating in all things Oktoberfest - Food, Booze and Oom-Pa-Pa!!

An Oktoberfest Celebration means a lot of beer but it doesn’t have to be all liquid!! Get creative with your food – we have amazing edible Beer Cake decorations or turn your whole cupcake into a beer! And don’t forget about the Brezel! (pretzel) 

Over 5 million litres of beer are consumed each Oktoberfest, why not join the party and dress as one instead, from Bottle costumes to wearing beer shaped sunglasses... we’ve got you covered.

Dress to impress! The Dirndl (Bavarian word for Girl) a wide and long skirt with a corsage, a white blouse and a colorful apron is what you'll need to look the part. Lederhosen (leather trousers) Braided or embrioded with Edelweiss and have attached suspenders, a checkered shirt and knee-high socks complete this outfit. Check out our Men's and Ladies Oktobefest Costumes and accessories

White and light blue are the colors of Oktoberfest. They are very popular colors to decorate your party with, another great option is to use colors of the German flag, and decorate the party in red, black and yellow.


Yodeler Hats can make great Pretzel bowls, checkered tabble runners to complete the look and Oktoberfest cutouts surrounding your party space for that authentic feel!  Now set your table and serve the best of the wurst!!!!