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All your Melbourne Cup celebration needs!

Melbourne Cup is fast approaching and you may be starting to plan your celebration for the day. Ideas for food, drinks, decorations, perhaps even some costume accessories for all of your guests – Shindigs is your one-stop shop for all things Melbourne Cup! In this blog, we’ll provide some ideas that’ll help make the planning of your party a breeze – all the way to the finish line!


First off, the decorations and tableware for your party will need some planning. Some green tableware to emulate grass would look a treat (a grass design tablecover would be awesome, too!) Some horse racing themed cutouts could then be used as confetti on the table, and some balloon arrangements would ensure your table is very well decorated (without being too over the top, of course!) For more ideas, our range of Melbourne Cup specific decorations and balloons may give you some inspiration for decorating your party!


All of your guests will be in party mode if you give them costume accessories to wear! Whether it be cardboard jockey hats or plush horse head hats, everyone will be in the mood to celebrate and take lots of photos, too! 


Nibblies for the party obviously depend on the food tastes of your guests (and you, of course) but heaps of party foods can be altered to suit a Melbourne Cup / horse racing theme! Whether it be horse cookies, a trophy shaped cake or a cake decorated with green fondant or icing to make it look like grass! Fancy nibblies would also be wonderful, too. They don't necessarily need to be horse themed, as they'll probably disappear too quickly anyway!


Some drinks are also a must at any Melbourne Cup celebration (see the efficient women's hat at the top of the blog!) Champagne and wine would go down a treat alongside the party treats (don't forget the strawberries for the champers!) Plastic wine and champagne glasses available in our range. 

You can find heaps of supplies in our Melbourne Cup and race day range online at Shindigs.
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Shindigs Party Pinterest page.