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All you need for Australia Day.

The blistering sun, a nice refreshing swim, the smell of the barbie and good mates to hang out with – doesn’t get more Australian than that! With Australia Day fast approaching, it’s time to get your party supplies sorted and we here at Shindigs can help you out. From Aussie flags to hang around the party area, to tableware & cutlery and even party favours – with a little help from us, your celebration will be a fair dinkum success! 


First things first, every Australia Day celebration needs some Aussie flags as decoration! Whether they be waving flags, flag buntings or large flag cutouts, we’ve got you covered. For other decorations, you can use some Australian animal cutouts, or your usual party decorations (e.g. streamers and lanterns) in a green and gold colour scheme – too easy, mate!


Based on the photo above, you can tell that some delicious Australian themed treats would be a big hit! A scrumptious pavlova, chocolate crackles, fairy bread, some pies and sausage rolls, cakes and biscuits decorated like the flag or something else typically Australian (see the adorable koala cupcakes below) – there’s plenty of ideas for the food at your party! 


As for the tablecloths, tableware and cups, sticking with the colours blue, red, gold and green is safe bet, as well as using Aussie flags to decorate the table on which the food is served. You can even place some same coloured balloons (or flag balloons) on the table alongside the food (just to make sure that no-one misses it!) We have heaps of catering supplies in our range to help the master of the barbie, whoever that may be. 


Nothing gets people more in the mood to party than getting dressed up for an event! We have heaps of Australian flag costume items and other costume items that could be used for Australia Day. These costume accessories can be mixed and matched with some face paint (fun for the young and young at heart!) to ensure everyone looks the part this Australia Day! 


You can find heaps of supplies in our Australia Day range online at Shindigs
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