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Easter Egg Hunt - Ideas & Supplies!

When it comes to Easter, the activity that everyone looks forward to the most (other than eating excessive amounts of chocolate) is the Easter egg hunt! The Easter egg hunt is a time for the young and the young at heart to search high and low for all of the Easter eggs hidden around the house (by the Easter bunny, of course!)




All you need for an Easter egg hunt is lots of chocolate Easter eggs and some baskets for the kids to carry their loot in! We’ve got some adorable pastel coloured baskets this year that are sure to be a huge hit with every hunter!




If you’re looking for something other than chocolate to use, you can use some adorable bunny decorations, plastic Easter egg decorations (or even some fun bouncy egg party favours), or some little chicken decorations!




Don’t forget to decorate the baskets so everyone knows which basket belongs to which hunter! You can use some shred, pipe cleaners and other craft items to personalise each basket – just when you thought an Easter egg hunt couldn’t be any more fun!




Check out our Easter supplies online, or visit us in-store to find everything you’ll need for a spectacular Easter egg hunt!