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Easter 2018 - Decorations & Supplies!

Hop into action – Easter’s nearly here! It’s time to leave out some carrots for the Easter bunny, hide some chocolate eggs all around the house for the Easter egg hunt and start decorating the hats for kids’ Easter hat parades!

Easter’s a great time for the family to come together and share meals, laughs and, of course, lots and lots of chocolate!

There’s also some fun decorations that you can buy or make, as well as some activities that are sure to be a whole lot of fun for the whole family! So take a look through our little blog guide for some inspiration and ideas to make your Easter eggstra special!




The Easter egg hunt is everyone’s favourite Easter tradition and it’s also so much fun! You can hide some small chocolate Easter eggs all around the house (throw in some big ones to make it even more rewarding for the hunters!) and you can also use some Easter themed decorations to give clues as to the location of the eggs (i.e. if you find a small chicken decoration, you’re getting closer!)




Speaking of Easter decorations, there’s heaps of ways to decorate the house for Easter! Make sure to use pastel colour decorations (particularly light pink, light blue, yellow, green, lilac and white) alongside the Easter specific decorations for a complete Easter look! Check out all of our Easter specific decorations here.




You can get everybody in the Easter spirit with some delightful costume accessories! Bunny ear headbands are a classic Easter costume accessory and they’re sure to make everyone hoppy!




Even though everyone loves chocolate, there’s some other foods that can also be a big hit at any Easter celebration! Apart from single coloured lollies in the typical Easter colours, there’s also some fun treats that you can make – all it takes is the right tools and some creativity! Some bunny butt cookies, bunny cakes or some carrot cake (in the shape of a carrot to make it extra carroty) will definitely win over the guests at any Easter celebration!




Shindigs would like to wish all of our customers and blog readers and happy Easter! Check out our full range of Easter celebration supplies online, or visit us in-store!