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St. Patrick's Day 2018!

To be sure, to be sure! St. Patrick’s Day 2018 is nearly here and it’s time to get well and truly Irish! Shindigs has got all of the supplies you need to make this St. Patrick’s Day a big success! So, grab some Guinness and have a little read for some inspiration – you’re sure to have a grand celebration with a little help from us!




Decorations and balloons are a must and there’s no shortage of St. Patrick’s Day decorations, Irish decorations, or green, white and orange decorations (as well as green, white and orange balloons) to match the Irish flag! Check out our balloons and decorations, which will definitely help to put your guests in the mood to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!




To go with these balloons and decorations, there’s heaps of cups, napkins and tableware, which are definitely a necessity at any occasion!




Now back to some Irish fun for everyone – costumes! There’s loads of St. Patrick’s Day costumes and accessories that’ll have everyone looking the part! Hats, face paint and so much more, all available right here!




As for some treats (to serve alongside the beer, of course!), you can use some green, orange and white lollies, or you serve some traditional Irish foods (there’s truly no limit to what you can make with potatoes!) You could even make some sweet treats (green iced cupcakes, anyone?) As long as it goes well with beer, you’re set!




Speaking of the beer, you can find all of your disposable plastic cups here!



Shop with Shindigs for all of your St. Patrick’s Day needs and you’ll be partying to the top o’ the mornin’!