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Party Decorations from Household items

If you have the time and the inclination, there's nothing quite like handmade party decorations - they're unique, they can be cheap and your guests will rave about the clever-ness of you when they found out you made it!

One of the best sources of 'Pin-spiration' is of course Pinterest and have we found some fantastic, unique and clever party decorating ideas using household or everyday items!

Here are just a few:



Use doilies (either coloured or white) to create these pretty hanging decorations for your next party.  Why not use different size doilies and string them together for a pretty and whimsical party decoration? Or turn them into a pom pom for a pretty shabby chic party decoration.  Folding them in half with some pretty ribbon and attach some stickers will create a unique party garland decoration.  Or maybe make your own cute flowers for a pretty centrepiece decoration or use as part of a garland!

Cupcake or Baking Cases:


Cupcake cases don't just have to be used for making cupcakes - they transform into some pretty cute decorations too!  Squash them in half and layer them to create a backdrop that looks like fish or mermaid scales, put a hole in the base a string them together for a cute shabby chic party garland, or if you are feeling really creative stick them together to form 3d pom poms or even add some buttons for some cute decorations you're guests will want to take home!

Pool Noodles:


The humble pool noodle is now an amazing party decoration!  Don't believe me?  Try cutting them up and stringing them together to create a party garland, cutting slices into them to form extra large pieces of coral for an under the sea or mermaid party, wrap them up with cellophane for delicious looking candy, create giant truffula trees for a Lorax themed party....and who could go past Jack's beanstalk in the middle of the table?! Fantastic!



Paper is one of the most practical and well used decoration supply I can think of.  From Scrapbook paper to wrapping paper, crepe paper, tissue paper, old books - even paint sample strips can be used!  Cut, paste, fold and stitch paper into various party garlands, pom poms, paper chain, hanging spirals and so much more.  Even better - most paper decorations can be customised to suit the nearly any theme and can easily be customised to the guest of honours name!

For even more ideas and inspiration check out Shindigs' Pinterest page.
Or if you are out of time or not feeling especially creative, have a huge range of pre-made party decorations. Great prices and fast Australia wide delivery.