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Handy Tips for a Christmas in July Celebration

Looking for some inspiration to throw a Christmas in July party this year? Look no further! Here at Shindigs, we have a variety of ideas for you, as well as decorations, balloons, tableware, lollies and even costumes that would be perfect for such a party! The best way is to treat the party like it's an actual Christmas celebration, just in July (bit of a redundant statement, but anyway...) This list will help you through planning the essentials (helping you guide your sleigh, if you will), making the preparation for the party nearly as much fun as the party itself will inevitably be! 


Some festive tableware and decorations is an excellent place to start. While there are heaps of Christmas specific decorations available, choosing generic party decorations in Christmas colours is also sure to put every guest in a jolly mood! Decorations in green, red, gold and silver are perfect for Christmas and most types of decorations would suit, whether they be hanging swirls, foil chandeliers, confetti, candles & votive glasses, streamers and heaps more. The same goes for tableware - it's up to you whether you want Christmas specific, plain coloured or a mixture of both. 



Some balloons would also help complete the festive mood for the party, whether they be Christmas specific balloons or latex balloons in Christmas colours (red, green, gold and silver.)

Nothing makes guests happier than some delicious party treats and, when it comes to Christmas themed sweets, there is no shortage on inspiration, ideas and Christmas themed cake decorating and treat making supplies. There's gingerbread houses and cookies, candy cane shaped cookies (and actual candy canes, of course), and endless creative ways of turning everyday foods into Christmas themed treats. Some little strawberry santas (made with some whipped cream) or some small cakes with Christmas tree strawberries on top (made by piping green buttercream icing onto the strawberry and decorating with little lollies) would be a big hit! (Pinterest links in pictures.)


These treats can also be used to fill Christmas themed lootbags for guests (trust us, they'll definitely appreciate it!)

Some fun cocktails would also make for a great Christmas in July celebration (just make sure the kids don't get their hands on these!) There's the decadent White Christmas (made with eggnog, white chocolate liqueur and Southern Comfort) or some fun peppermint flavoured candy cane inspired cocktails which are sure to go down a treat! (Pinterest links in images.)


The perfect way for guests to get into a Christmas in July party mood is for them to dress the part, whether it be Santa, Mrs. Claus, an elf or one of the reindeer. Why not give a pair of reindeer antlers or a Christmas themed hat or headband to every party guest? After all, Christmas is called the silly season for a reason! (These Christmas themed costumes & accessories are available in our range.)


There's heaps of Christmas in July decorations and supplies when you visit Shindigs.
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