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Blood, Make-Up and Scary Effects for Halloween!

It goes without saying that any Halloween costume worth its salt can be enhanced with some make-up effects! Make-up can be used to transform a spooky costume into a genuinely scary one, whether it be fake blood in all its different consistencies, various make-up supplies (liquid latex is especially popular around Halloween) or effects, like latex scars and fake teeth. They’re so easy to use and readily available here at Shindigs! With a little creativity and a little help from us, your costume is sure to have people running away from you!


A staple of Halloween make-up is obviously fake blood. Different consistencies are used for different effects. The thinner blood can be used for squirting or gushing effects (like from a werewolf attack!), stage blood for an oozing effect and the more gel like or coagulated blood is used so it will set on the skin and leave a wound effect. You can also choose between a darker or brighter red, depending on the effect you’re after. You can even get some fake blood to fill plastic capsules and bite into them for a bloodied mouth effect – so many options!


Halloween make-up is fairly diverse and can make anyone look like a completely different person! Liquid latex is especially popular, as it’s readily accessible and can be used with household items (e.g. toilet paper or cotton balls) and concealer to create amazing effects, like scars and wounds (or whatever your imagination allows you to do!) For more information on using liquid latex, be sure to check out some YouTube videos to see how make-up professionals do it. 

If you wanted some assistance in the form of an already fully created make-up effect, there are latex scars that can easily be added using an adhesive. These latex scars/wounds are further enhanced using fake blood and the other aforementioned make-up effects. (Your costume is gonna haunt your party guests’ nightmares!)


Check out our range of fake blood, make-up and effects for Halloween. There's also our incredible cosmetic contact lenses, which can add some extra edge to your costume. We know we're early, but when it comes to a truly memorable Halloween costume, some planning time is absolutely essential! And besides, who doesn't love planning and epic costume?

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