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New Halloween Costumes for Everyone (Getting Prepared Early!)

A huge new batch of Halloween costumes has recently arrived in-store here at Shindigs and we just couldn’t wait to tell you about them! (Yes, we know we’re a tad early…) There’ll be a lot more arriving over the next few months, too – as if we didn’t have truckloads already! These costumes and costume accessories are for both kids and adults and cover a wide array of characters. There’s the evil zombie madam (with a hint of Cruella De Ville to her!), the decomposing priest, the Day of the Dead bride and heaps more! Take a look and see if your imagination is sparked – a Halloween costume epiphany can never happen too early!


There’s heaps of new accessories that go perfectly with these costumes – accessorising is key when it comes to a Halloween costume! There’s the Corpse Bride Bouquet (perfect for the Graveyard Bride costume), the long brown hooded cape for kids (Jedi or wizard costume, anyone?) or even the various animal tails we have in store (beware of dressing up as a black cat – unless you want to give your guests bad luck!)


But wait, there’s more! We’ve even got some new make-up kits to add to our already plentiful make-up shelf! Our Ghost Ship make-up kit is perfect for creating a spooky pirate or undead ship crew look and it can be easily coordinated with all of our pirate costume accessories for a Halloween costume no-one will be able to forget (no matter how hard they try!) Or you can coordinate the Mummy make-up kit with some bandages for an ultra-quick, yet ultra-spooky costume – too easy!


To top it all off, we’ve got some new latex scars that look so realistic to add some gore to your costume! There’s the scar with stitches that can be placed on the skin using the adhesive included, or the fabric sleeve that slides on to the arm and looks heaps scary! (For the full effect in both photos, make sure to add some fake blood to the scar. After all, what’s Halloween without a little blood?)


When it comes to creating an impressive Halloween costume, there’s no such thing as being too early!

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