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Halloween Masks and other gory things

Halloween is fast on it's way and we have been getting some fantastic new Halloween masks and other spooky costumes and accessories!

Here are some of the new Halloween masks we have just received in:


The Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations along with Sugar Skulls are very popular this year and these masks are just brilliant.  We also have some new fantastic costumes also suitable for this theme:


We also have a great range of skull masks available now...some spooky, some latex and some sparkly....Yes, sparkly!


If you're wanting to look wounded, we have all kinds of latex wounds and blood-y accessories to help you achieve the goriest look possible!


Or you may just like a scary latex mask to wear trick or treating....these masks are sure to scare anyone you meet!


For more fantastic Halloween costumes, masks and accessories, check out our range here.
Don't forget you can also check out our Pinterest page for great Halloween decorating and costume ideas.