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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast on our heels, and this year its a Friday - so chances are you'll be heading out either trick or treating or to a costume party - but what to wear?

Never fear Shindigs is here!  From ghouls to witches, vampires to zombies and so much gore, you're sure to be inspired here!

Witches are the traditonal female costume theme for Halloween and other spooky themed events, and there is so much scope to what you can do. Be a super stylish witch with one of these trendy witches hats, or how about a colour theme witch with this gorgeous wig?!

But you need more than just hat and hair to be a glamorous witch.  Fly on your black witches broom stick with your devilishy stylish black spider web cape flowing behind you.  Or perhaps you like to get around by the power of your own witchy wings?  These spider web wings will surely do the trick!  Long glow int he dark nails will set you apart from the otehr witches in your coven....they are a must have for any self-respecting witch.


Perhaps a vampire is more your style.  If blood is what you want, then you are going to need some fangs.  Gold, silver or bloody - these are sure to give you that extra bite.


Add to your vampiric look with this old fashioned style male wig with a ponytail. Swish around dramtically with a must have black cape.  If you are out of time or don't feel like attaching teeth, then this horrifying vampire stocking mask will do the trick.


So no matter what you want to dress as or how scary you wish to be, Shindigs is sure to have what you need.
From Halloween decorations, to balloons to costumes, masks and make up effects you'll find it all here.
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