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Frightfully Good Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is growing more and more popular as time goes on; more people are trick or treating, hosting Halloween parties and, of course, getting all dressed up to celebrate the occasion. After all, Halloween is basically one big costume party with no limitations on the costume choices - you can dress up as whatever you like. With so much choice out there as to what to dress up as, it can be a daunting task picking just one. Have no fear, though, as this list is here to offer you inspiration and ideas about which costumes are the most popular and the best choices for any Halloween party!


There are some classic Halloween costumes that have stood the test of time, endured in their popularity and are always a big hit at every Halloween party. Dressing up as a witch or a wizard is an excellent example and a great costume idea, due to its ability to be accessorised (e.g. wands, cauldrons and hats), its popularity (due in no small part to the Harry Potter franchise) and its fitting spookiness. After all, Halloween is the spookiest night of the year!


If you're looking for something much spookier, there are any number of creepy characters to dress up as and definitely no shortage of accessories to add your own personal twist to your costume - warning: seriously scary costumes ahead!


Vampires, grim reapers, skeletons and ghosts - oh my! These are some other classics that are easy to accessorise and adapt to your liking. For instance, the vampire costume can be adapted to a 1920's theme vampire costume with some Flapper costume accessories and the ghost costumes can be made even eerier with some black face paint to completely hide the face, which just goes to show how easy it is to put a unique spin on a classic and make sure every guest remembers your costume! Nearly every costume can be vampirised or zombified!

If you're looking for less spooky costumes, there truly is no limit to what you can dress up as - like we said, Halloween is one big costume party! Some of the most popular costumes include: pirates, clowns, cowboys & cowgirls, police officers, flappers & gangsters and heaps of others. To make it easier for you, we've put links on each of those to help you find costumes and costume accessories for each of those themes (you're welcome!)

Looking for kids Halloween costumes in particular? Look no further! Many of the costumes already talked about also work a treat for children, like little ghosts or pirates, or even an adorable little devil! (Pinterest links in pictures.)


Just like Halloween costumes for adults, Halloween costumes for kids needn't be scary to be a big hit. There are lots of children's costume accessories on our site that they can mix and match from to create a costume they'd love! There's angels, princesses, superheroes, pilots, animals and more! Picking the costume can be as fun as the party itself!


There's heaps of Halloween specific costumes and other costumes and accessories online at Shindigs.
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Halloween board on the Shindigs Party Pinterest page.