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Cookies for any occasion!

Oh so delicious (and not very nutritious...), cookies are a classic snack food which are perfect for any celebration. Due to the versatility of recipes and decorating methods, they can suit any theme for any occasion. They can also be turned into something truly impressive and unique, with a little creativity. Prepare yourself for a hunger inducing blog post, as we explore the wonderful world of cookie making and all it has to offer. Tummies: on your marks, get set, rumble!


It goes without saying that some cookie cutters are essential in order to make an assortment of shaped cookies. With so many cutter shapes available, you really are spoilt for choice. If you're making them for a party, you can try and find cutters that will suit the theme. if you're just a fan of baking, you can try to figure out what those who'll be eating them will love the most. (If it's just you eating them, that'll make it easier! And we promise we're not judging, sometimes the temptation is too strong for us, too...)

For example, some bunny shaped cutters for an Easter celebration would make some wonderful cookies. Even without them, though, you could decorate some white frosted cookies to look like a cheeky bunny grin - too easy!


These are just one example of cookie cutters being useful for adhering to a theme/occasion, there are so many more. Obviously, your cookies don't have to belong to a particular theme for a particular reason, they can just suit your personal preference. What looks good to you, what you like - chances are it can exist in cookie form!


In the same way that cookies can suit any theme, they can also suit any colour scheme. Whether it be coloured fondant/icing on plain butter cookies or food colouring integrated into the dough to colour the cookie itself, they can be very colourful and impressive. These colours can also be coordinated with flavours to create a range of colourful and delicious cookies, each posessing a wonderful and distinct flavour e.g. red for strawberry and green for mint (anyone else drooling?)

As for presenting these amazing cookies, I'm sure no-one would complain if they were just on a plate (who would complain about cookies? I mean, really...), but there are some creative presentation methods that would take them to an even higher level. Presenting them in a decorated glass jar, stacking them up to resemble something or arranged as a centrepiece for the table - they already looked delicious, but now they're spectacular!


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