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Wonderful Ideas for Lolly & Candy Bars

A recently popular trend that's been occurring at parties is that of lolly buffets, also known as lolly bars or candy bars. It's a fairly self explanatory concept - lollies are served in some nice conatiners and guests are free to indulge to their heart's content! These buffets, or bars, are adaptable and can therefore suit any party theme or colour scheme, hence their popularity. They're also always a big hit with every party guest, both young of age and young at heart. If you're looking to have one at a party but don't really know where to start, don't fret, because this list is here to offer some inspiration so that you can create the perfect lolly buffet for you!


Not to state the obvious, but the most important part of any lolly buffet is definitely the lollies. Finding the perfect lollies for your buffet can be done in various ways - you can start with your favourite colour (there are heaps of different types of single coloured lollies, if you have a particular colour scheme in mind,) lollies that suit a particular theme (e.g. racing car lollies for a racing party), your favourite flavour, or you can ask your guests which lollies are their faves. Finding the right lollies is essential to a good lolly bar and we have a feeling it'll be easy finding which ones you want - some extensive taste testing may be required! 


The next decision to make is which containers are best to display these delicious treats! Again, your favourite colour can definitely be used as a criteria for choosing, but you can also choose based on which container shape you like the most. Whether it be paper cupcake cases, gelati cups, popcorn boxes, some glass milk bottles & candy jars, milkshake cups or just some plain coloured bowls - as long as it looks as good as it tastes!


Some decorations are sure to add some extra appeal to the lollies (not they needed any extra appeal!) Some lovely hanging decorations (e.g. tissue paper pom poms, swirl decorations & garland decorations) to hang around the buffet will definitely make it just that bit more impressive, some crepe paper streamers are an easy and fun way to add some vibrant colour and some balloons tied into arrangements to set around the buffet would be the cherry on top!

A colourful tablecover and some brightly coloured napkins for the guests will also add some vibrancy to the buffet!


Lolly bars are heaps of fun to make and even more fun to dig into - they're also perfect for any party, due to their adaptability and their inevitable popularity with every party guest!

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