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Cool Cookies! Ideas and Inspiration

Feel like a cookie?  Want to get creative?  Here are some great tips, tricks and ideas to get the cookie dough rolling!


Pinwheel Cookies

Don't have time to ice cookies after baking?  The simple answer is to bake the cookies so that the don't need icing!  Try making these Pinwheel cookies in a variety of colours.  Divide the dough into 2 colours and colour each a diiferent colour. After refrigerating, roll each colour out to an even thickness, place one colour on top of the other and roll into a tight roll. Slice the roll and bake!  Try covering the roll in coloured sugar before cutting to add a little sparkle!  Keep a close eye on these cookies when baking as you don't want them to brown and lose their colour.


Brush Embroidery

This is a beautiful way to decorate cookies - the flowers have a soft lacey look, perfect for Mothers day cookies.  After piping a line of royal icing, use a small square end paint brush to brush lines of icing in towards the centre.

Pinata Cookie

Give more than just a cookie - make more and fill them full of lollies!  Here are 2 different ways to make a lolly filled cookie.  The first method is to bake the cookie 'halves' by laying them on the reverse side of a whoopie pie pan, fill with lollies and use icing to 'glue' the 2 halves together and decorate.  The 2nd method is to bake 3 cookies per treat, cut the middle out of the centre cookie and use icing to 'glue' the middle to one outside cookie, fill with lollies ( or chocolates!) and then glue the other side on! Voila and Bon Appetit!


Layer/ 3D Cookies

There are so many ways to create 3D or layered cookies.  One way is to cut out different shaped iced cookies and use royal icing to 'glue' one cookie flat on top of the other.  Another alternative is to stand one cookie upright on a base much room for creativity here!  Another way to create 3D cookies is to use specialised cutters that piece together to create a 3D masterpiece - although the elephants was built using an elephant cookie cutter, the letter 'I' and a heart shaped cookie cutter! (Click image to see further details).


Using Icing to Decorate

Cover cookies with fondant and when dry, use stamps to create beautiful images.  Pipe fine details with a small round icing tip n a variety of colours.  Drag a toothpick through royal icing colours when wet to create swirls and tye dye designs.  Use fondant and stamps or moulds to create beautiful impressions on cookies - there are so many ways to decorate using a variety of different types of icing!

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