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Noodle Boxes for Parties

After researching the origins of noodle boxes on Wikipedia I was interested to find that they were originally called oyster pails and were used in the early 20th century as a takeaway container for freshly opened oysters as well as being used to hold honey. It wasn't until after World War II that they become popular in the USA for Chinese takeaway as they were inexpensive and could be used for a wide variety of Chinese meals. Interestingly though, these noodle boxes are apparently rarely seen in China...but they have become very popular in Australia for a variety of different uses.

Not only are noodle boxes well known in Australia for transporting Chinese takeaway dishes, they are becoming very popular for parties, weddings and other functions and are being used in a variety of different ways. They are a great and unique alternative to traditional loot bags or favour boxes at kid's parties, plain or decorated they make cute favour boxes for your wedding guests, you could even use them to give you guests a cupcake to take home. Of course, you can always serve a wide variety of food at dinner parties and parties with chopsticks or the traditional Chinese spoons for a fun and original twist - better yet they are disposable so there's no washing up!

Instead of serving lollies in bowls at your next party, why not use a noodle box? You can distribute the lollies before the day and simply close the lid until you are ready to serve, saving you time and stress come the day of the party. Plastic noodle boxes, or jelly pails as they are sometimes known as come in a range of bright colours with white handles and make great lolly containers for party tables and lolly bars. If you were hosting a Chinese New Year function, Asian themed dinner party or even an International party, you could decorate some noodle boxes in red and gold and place some fortune cookies in for a unique table decoration or even as fun favours for the guests to take home!

If you are hosting a kid's party or baby shower, noodle boxes make a great alternative to the traditional loot bags or favour bags and can easily be themed using stickers, ribbons, glitter glue or tissue paper. If you are using them for a kid's party, why not let the kids decorate their own before filling them with lollies and novelties to take home? This will keep your little guests entertained for hours as they colour and decorate their very own special box. stocks as great range of cardboard and plastic noodle boxes in a variety of different packs sizes and colours. Click here to view their range of noodle boxes for you next party or function!