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The Wonder of Cake Pops!

There's been a big surge in popularity for cake pops in recent times, perhaps due to their adaptability, perhaps due to the fact that they're just so much fun, both to eat and to make! With endless inspiration and ideas to guide one's cake pop making adventure, they can be a really creative endeavour and the end result is always loved by everyone. This little blog post is here to show just how versatile and wonderful cake pops can be, even for amateurs to the craft. So, sit back, relax and allow us to wow you with just how awesome cake pops can be. (And feel free to pinch some ideas for your own, of course!)


Cake pops are perfect for any occasion, as they can be decorated to suit any colour scheme, theme or celebration. They can work at formal events, kid's parties and laidback celebrations - they're just that versatile. People have used cake pops at their weddings and anniversary celebrations, typically using white and gold decorations to match their themes. They can also be turned into wedding dresses and tuxedos - so awesome!


Given the huge amount of kid's party themes out there, it's pretty impressive that cake pops can be adapted to any of them. Whether it's a Disney film theme (Frozen themed cake pops are quite popular) or a more generic theme (there are heaps of possibilities for an ocean themed party), simply by altering icing colours, decorations and serving methods, they'll fit right in at any party, not to mention impress all of your guests!


Even simpler is to suit your cake pops to a specific colour scheme using icing and decorations. You could pipe icing in the colour scheme around each pop or dip each pop into a big bowl of melted coloured chocolate. As for decorations, tie a little bow under each pop, or use your preferred sprinkles to dust each one. When it comes to cake pop decoration, the list really is endless. 


You can find all you cake pop making needs and decorating supplies on our Shindigs online store! Once your creative juices start flowing, there really is no limit to how wonderful your cake pops can be. Best of luck, chef!