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It’s something of a universal truth that cupcakes are a wondrous thing – all the joy of a big cake, compressed for one’s own personal enjoyment! Cupcakes can be very simple, or they can be quite complex. Some cupcakes created by professionals (and some truly inspired amateur bakers) are seriously impressive and deserve to be shown in an art exhibit (that is, if they survive for that long…) They’ve been increasing in popularity for heaps of different occasions (even weddings!) due to their adaptability and the fact that with a little creativity, inspiration and a bit of finesse, anyone can make cupcakes that are as awe-inspiring as they are delicious!


As you can see, the main way of suiting a cupcake to an occasion or theme is to decorate it with icing and/or fondant. With these two magical ingredients, you can transform the cupcake into literally anything. Characters, animals, objects, even galaxies (yes, you read that correctly!) can make an appearance on your cupcakes. All of a sudden, those ordinary little cupcakes aren’t all that ordinary anymore… 


With some lolly adornments, you can also transform the cupcakes into something wonderful! Spearmint leaves, candy teeth, snakes, hearts, gummi bears and more – so many different shapes and variations, all perfect for putting a unique spin on any batch of cupcakes!


If you’re looking to make some themed cupcakes, a knowledge of the tools of the trade will be invaluable to you. Piping bags, tips, couplers, cookie cutters (can be used on fondant) and several other tools will be what you need in your arsenal to create cupcakes without compare! You can find heaps of videos on YouTube showing you how to use these tools and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a baking extraordinaire! 


Check out our range of cake decorating and cupcake making supplies for inspiration, ideas and everything else needed to create amazing cupcakes!

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