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Fun Ways of Serving Party Food

Food is often the centrepiece of the party and good food that's presented in a fun way ensures that a party will be a success and every guest will have a full tummy by the end - but how best to present the food? We've been pondering this question for a bit here at Shindigs and through rigorous research (and grumbling stomachs staring at countless pictures of delicious food), we've come up with some handy ideas that ensure people will be talking about not only how delicious your party treats were, but how lovely their presentation was!


(Marshmallows decorated using food colouring and parfait made with blue jelly and whipped cream. Pinterest links in images.)

So, where to start?

Well, we all know that cake and cupcake stands are perfect for displaying cakes and cupcakes (no, really?!), but they also make for a unique way to display other party foods. You can decorate the top tier with with balloons and streamers, put some loose snacks in the middle tier and then some portioned snacks (served in any style of treat box you like) on the bottom tier. 


This example is perfect for a racing party, decorated with checkered flags and using popcorn boxes on the bottom tier. You can also portion snacks into gelati cups and small treat boxes, like the ones shown below. (Other gelati cups and treat boxes available on our site.)


Allowing guests to create their own party treats is an easy way to get them involved and let them have fun, as well as explore their creative side! Why not have a make your own sundae bar, or a make your own pizza bar? Simply prepare the ingredients for them (lollies and sprinkles to add to their sundaes and assorted pizza toppings for the pizza bar) and serve them in decorative trays or bowls - it's sure to wow every party guest! Presenting guests with a colourful array of gelati cups and plates to eat their ice cream and pizza on adds another level of fun to a DIY party feast!

In this picture, the ice cream has been scooped into mason jars and stored on ice with ingredients for adding served next to it. (Pinterest link in picture.) 


And now for more pictures of delicious food to make you hungry - AKA some inspirations for a make your own pizza party! Making the pizza also serves as a fun party activity, so this method of presenting the pizza toppings for party guests to make their own pizzas is twice as awesome! (Plus, there's less to do for the host!)


Have a particular party theme? It's easy to serve food that suits any party theme with a little creativity! When you have a theme in mind, simply find items that you can incorporate into your food that suit this theme, or find foods with the colours particular to this theme, or that you can easily adapt to suit an aspect of it. For example, if you're throwing a dinosaur party for a child, add small dinosaur figures to chocolate crackles for an easy, yet impressive party treat! Serve in dinosaur themed cupcake cases to make them even better!


Having a football party? Why not make some chocolate dipped strawberry footballs and a football field of dips? The guests will have no choice but to admire your artistry as they chow down! (Pinterest links in images.)


It's possible to serve food in a fun way that also suits a theme, but if you don't have a theme and are not quite sure of how to serve the food in a fun and unique way, picking a colour or a pattern (e.g. polka dot or stripe) you like (as well as a particular container shape) is a good way of finding food containers that appeal to you. There are various coloured popcorn boxes, hot dog trays, hot chip boxes and cupcake holders which are a very fun and very easy way to present party treats - most of them come already made! And remember, the names don't limit you - you can serve whichever foods you like in these containers. 


It can be a lot of fun serving party food, once you've found the best way that suits you. There's lots of other party food serving supplies available at Shindigs