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Helpful Hints for a Masquerade Party

Masquerade is one of the most popular themes for a party - and for good reason! Everyone can get dressed up, pick a mask that they like, enjoy some classy food, some delicious cocktails. What's not to like? If you're looking to throw a memorable masquerade party, have we got some helpful hints for you! This list will definitely help you find the perfect decorations, food, costumes and other supplies to ensure that your masquerade party is a big hit! First tip to remember: Everything at a masquerade party has to be big, bold and dramatic!


Finding balloons and decorations (or making DIY decorations) for a masquerade party is almost as fun as the party itself. Whether it's latex balloons with a mask print on them, large foil mask balloons, jester cutouts or actual masquerade masks used as decorations themselves, decorating for your masquerade party is such a fun outlet for your creativity. Any decorations with the colour scheme that comes to mind for a masquerade (purple, green, gold & silver, but don't let that limit you, any colours you like are good) would work and you could even create a decoration that doubles as a party favour supplier for guests - a glass vase filled with colourful bead necklaces is sure to get everyone's attention!


Tableware for a masquerade themed party is easy to do - just use tableware in matching colours to the decorations! (Who knew it could be so simple?) Using one colour each for different items of tableware (e.g. purple tablecovers, green plates, silver cutlery & gold napkins) is a quick and impressive way to jazz up the table, along with centrepieces and confetti


The party table above is seriously impressive and so easy to do for yourself! All you need is some glass jars, purple lollipops & other lollies, cake and cake pop making supplies and other decorations in the masquerade theme (some votive candles and votive glasses would work a treat as well.) Adapt to your own tastes for a party you can definitely be proud of. 

Creating party foods with a masquerade twist is loads of fun (almost as much fun as eating them!) When it comes to food for a masquerade party, using the typical masquerade colours or items inherently linked to the theme as inspiration is definitely the way to go.

For example, some delicious mask shaped cookies, made using cookie dough, black frosting, 100's & 1000's and red licorice. (Pinterest link in picture.)

Or, you can use edible mask / peacock feather decorations to turn plain party food into a masquerade party feast! (Pinterest links in pictures.)


And don't forget some loot bags or boxes so guests can take these lovely treats home.


Some cocktails to go along with these delicious marvels are a must! If your guests aren't too fussy about what drinks are served at a party (just as long as they're alcoholic...), then obviously any cocktail will do. Below are a few cocktails (with Pinterest links included in the images) that would be perfect for a masquerade or any big, bold and dramatic party! Yum!


And last (but definitely not least) some beautiful masks for your party guests (you thought we'd forgotten, didn't you?) Masquerade masks range from very simple to very elaborate and searching for the perfect mask to suit your taste is heaps of fun! They come in a range of colours and designs (there's even bulk packs of small laser masks which can be used to give out to party guests and to fill loot bags!) Whichever style you're after, chances are that any mask will instantly transport you to a grand masquerade ball! Plus, these masks also make for excellent decorations for tables (is there anything they can't do?)

Here at Shindigs, we have an extensive range of masquerade masks, which is sure to have something to cater to your personal taste!


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