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How to throw a stunning wine tasting party (c'est très chic ! )

Want to throw a stunning party that'll impress all of your guests with its elegance? Look no further! A wine tasting party can be truly impressive (good frends, delicious food & wine, wonderful decorations, a rustic yet classy atmosphere - what's not to like?) This useful little blog will provide helpful tips on how to make the party look like a million dollars on a much smaller budget (trust us, it's possible!) From presenting the wine itself, to the food served with the wine, to the decorations you can use around the party area, we've got you covered. 


Depending on how many guests you're inviting, some bulk plastic wine glasses might be the go. These glasses can be decorated with some pieces of metallic ribbon or wine glass charms (charms are also a good way of keeping up with which glass belongs to who) and placed on tables adorned with some balloons and hanging decorations. Typical colour schemes for the decorations would be along the lines of burgundy, silver and gold (rich food and wine needs rich colours, after all.) 


There are some really simple ways to make the food you serve with the wine look amazing. For example, serving the food alongside some dinner candles in empty wine bottles and a black tablecloth with chalk written descriptions of each of the foods would be wonderful. Speaking of the food, you really can't go past cheese (cheese and wine - who'd have thunk it?) and other staple snack foods (e.g. olives, fruits, breads etc.) These can be served on any kind of platter (although, wooden does add to the rustic yet elegant feel of a good wine tasting party) and arranged in any way you like - colour coordinated, small size to large size or even in the shape of a wine bottle! 


That's impressive!


If you're feeling creative (and have a bit of a sweet tooth) you could even make some delicious and beautiful wine themed cupcakes, such as those in the picture below. So yummy!


And last, but certainly not least, the guests can have fun by voting for their favourite wine and guessing the year it was made. Simply number each bottle and take votes after every guest has tried every wine. The guest who voted for the winning wine and guessed closest to the correct year can take home a small prize (such as a nice block of chocolate.)

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