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Planning the perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt: What to do and Where to start!!!

Easter has got to be everyone’s second favourite holiday (behind Christmas of course) especially for kids because of all the chocolate (and then some more chocolate).

Who remembers having a chocolate egg hunt on Sunday morning, l know it’s definitely my favourite memory from Easter. This handy blog will give you the ideas you need to create the perfect Easter Egg hunt for your kids.

As a kid I remember waking up to find a glimmer of multi coloured foil all over the back yard and my eyes just lighting up with excitement. You can create this same look with cheap Mini Chocolate Eggs perfect for egg hunt which are available at Shindigs - 200g bags for $2.39 and bulk 1kg bags for $8.99.  What a Bargain!!!
For an extra bit of excitement lay down some Bunny Footprints (Pk 15 for $2.29) leading from your child’s bedroom door right out to the backyard where the chocolate awaits.


With the excitement still shining across my face it was time to run inside chuck on my gumboots as fast l could and grab an old empty ice cream bucket and the race between my siblings and cousins was on!!!
Easter has grown a little since the early 90s and now there are proper Easter themed egg hunting baskets available. At Shindigs there are 7 different styles of buckets/bags to choose from this year. Bamboo baskets, small metal pails, plastic Easter egg hunt tubs along with hessian and canvas tote bags. How adorable is the Bunny face one!! The DIY Canvas tote comes with coloured textas so your kids can decorate their own bag for some extra fun on Sunday morning.


But wait!! What about the kids that can’t eat Chocolate (?) they can’t miss out on all the fun. We understand that some kids may have allergies, dietary restrictions or you just don’t want them eating too much chocolate, avoid the sugar highs and sore tummies by using plastic eggs or chalkboard eggs which are great to paint in your own decorative way.

   Our fillable plastic eggs come in very handy for this and there are so many different things you can do with them.
   Fill these eggs with tiny non candy gifts or clues and send them on a scavenger hunt to a much larger present or experience (like a trip to the movies with mum). You will find some great free printable clues available on our Easter Pinterest board which will go far in making Easter just as enjoyable for kids with allergies.

With multiple colours in the packs of Chocolate Eggs and Plastic Eggs you can allocate specific colours to each child so at the end of the day it’s fair for everyone and they all get the same amount. It’s also a great way to keep track of what’s been found so the pets in our life don’t accidentally find them too!!


Now that you have some great ideas on how to plan your Easter Egg hunt it’s time to cruise into Shindigs and complete your Easter shopping.
And really it’s just the tip of the bunny ear to what Shindigs has available in our Easter decorations, Easter tableware and Easter Hat parade craft items.