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Throwing the perfect baby shower

The baby shower is representative of an ancient and enduring tradition that has been adapted over thousands of years. Like many other rites of passage such as coming of age, marriage and graduation, a baby shower is meant to represent a significant transitional event into a new state of being – namely ‘motherhood’.  
Just like the little bundle of joy, baby showers can come in all shapes and sizes. But the number one rule for every modern day baby shower is that the mum-to-be doesn’t do a thing. So if you’re the loved one in charge of organising the baby shower, here are a few handy tips to making it a celebration to remember.

The best time to throw a baby shower is some time in the third trimester, but don’t leave it too late!  Quite a few babies have a habit of surprising everyone by arriving early, so it’s probably best to have it anywhere between 28 to 36 weeks. Many choose to keep it as a surprise for the mum-to-be. Others are open about their plans, allowing the mother input and giving her something to look forward to.
What better excuse to get together with loved ones than in celebration of new life? Invitations should go out to anyone of importance in the unborn child’s life. This includes relatives, family friends and work colleagues. While traditional baby showers are a female only affair, some contemporary celebrations are now opening their doors to male friends and family as well. If the mother-to-be is in on the plans then make sure you ask her who she would like to be there.

The location will depend on the type of party you are planning. Most baby showers are held at someone's house.  If this is the case, avoid having it at the mum-to-be’s house to avoid extra stress associated with cleaning up. Usually one of the people hosting or attending will be happy to have it at their house. Otherwise, think of church halls or clubs which might be willing to rent a room for a couple of hours.
Another important part of setting the celebratory mood is planning the decorations. These days, there are a wide variety of decorations specifically designed for baby showers. Shindigs online party store is a one stop shop for all your baby shower decoration  needs. Shindigs offers some gorgeous baby shower tableware ranges suitable for baby boy, baby girl or even generic ranges for when you don't know!  They also have a gorgeous range of balloons including latex, bubble balloons, foils and supershapes.  And then come the rest of the decorations - banners, hanging decorations, scatters, novelties, centrepieces, bonbonniere favours and much more!  They also have a great range of baby shower party games, guaranteed to entertain yours guests for hours!  Shindigs have also recently expanded into the cutest cake decorating products for baby showers!  If you want the convenience of shopping for all your baby shower needs online, visit their website now at !