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Pillar Candles for Christenings, Weddings and So Much More!

For so many occasions/places, pillar candles are the perfect accessory! Whether using for spiritual reasons, using to create ambience at home/in the office, or for a Christening/wedding, pillar candles are sure to fit any purpose!

Shindigs has got a wide variety of candles available, with the most popular being our range of scented pillar candles and our plain white pillar candles – they sell like hot cakes! Take a look through our range and you’re sure to feel like a kid in a candle shop!



Our scented pillar candles not only look amazing – they smell gorgeous, too! They come in a wide variety of colours/scents and are perfect for heaps of different uses! They can add a sense of calm to any area (perfect for any room in the house!) and provide a lovely scent to any space, too! With the wide range of sizes & scents available, there’s sure to be one for everyone!



White pillar candles are so popular for Christenings, weddings and lots of other events! Our range of white pillar candles are unscented and vary in size and tip design (we have either flat top ones, or ones with a church-style peak tip.) They also come in handy bulk packs for your convenience – too easy!



As well as pillar candles, Shindigs also has a huge variety of other candles, be they scented or unscented! There’s taper candles, votive candles and tea light candles, plus our cake candles also cover a wide variety of occasions!



Check out our wick-edly large range of candles online or in-store at our shop in Lambton, Newcastle!