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Fun Loot Bag Filling Ideas

Here at Shindigs, we have a huge range of small gifts (kid's stationery, party favours, lollies etc.) that are perfect for filling loot bags to show your guests that their attendance was appreciated. It's a very diverse range, suiting different themes, colour schemes and sure to have something to suit every party. This list is here to provide you with some inspiration on how best to fill loot bags with various goodies which every guest is sure to love!


First off, everyone's favourite - lollies! You can easily find lollies to suit a specific colour scheme, theme, or you can just search for your favourite lollies to fill loot bags. Our range includes single coloured lollies, portioned jellybeans, foil wrapped chocolate hearts, lollipops and more! These lollies can be used for any party loot bags, but can also be used to suit various party themes - why not some pink or purple foil wrapped chocolate hearts to fill princess party themed loot bags? Or some black & white/red & white lollipops for Halloween or spooky themed party loot bags? With a little creative thinking and coordinating, any sweet can work for any party loot bags. We also have some specifically themed lollies that'll work for different themes (pirate lollipops for a pirate party - who'da thunk it?)


If you're looking to mix the lollies with something (or don't want to use lollies at all), another way to fill a loot bag is, of course, by using party favours. Again, like the lollies, most party favours are generic and therefore work for any party. However, there are themed party favours that'll be very big hits at a themed party - sports ball design yo-yo's for a sport party, dinosaur figurines for a dinosaur party, star wands for a princess/fairy party etc. A hugely popular party favour here at Shindigs is our range of party bubbles, coming in different colours and designs and always loved by party guests, young and old!


Both lollies and party favours are usually what most people think of first when they're trying to figure out what to fill loot bags with, but if you're looking for something that's a bit different and that kids will still love, some fun and colourful stationery is exactly what you need! We recently expanded our range of kid's stationery here at Shindigs and it has a wide variety of fun stationery supplies that's sure to be a big hit with every child. 

These pictures are of some of our blue/pink/purple & white polka dot kid's stationery supplies, but there are also other supplies in these ranges and other fun kid's stationery supplies (owl erasers, frog erasers, highlighter men etc.)

There's heaps of loot bags, party favours, lollies and kid's stationery supplies when you visit Shindigs.
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