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Awesome Mocktail Recipes

There's no mocking a good mocktail, and these delicous non-alcoholic beverages are great for kid's parties, baby showers - or as an everyday drink.  Try recreating your favourite cocktail recipes minus any alcohol content, and serving them in the traditional cocktail glasses.  Alternatively you  can create your own mocktail variations - all you really need is an interesting 'cocktail' sounding name, the right glass for serving, a combination of fruit, herbs like mint or basil, juices and sparkling water and a little garnish - of course!  Parasols, swizzle sticks and cocktail animals will have your mocktails looking fabulous!

To get you started, here are our Top 10 favourite Mocktail recipes (click the images or the link for the recipes) - Yum!


1.  Virgin Pomegranate Sangria.
A delicious fruity blend of kiwi fruit, oranges, strwaberries, papaya and pomegranate juice,this mocktail is perfect for those long, hot summer days.



2. Shirley Temple Mocktail
Perfect for a baby shower for a girl, this pink drink combines Pineapple Crush, soda, vanilla icecream and crushed ice for a delighfully refreshing alternative to the 'real deal'.



3. Spiced Apple Mocktail
A light and refreshing blend of cinnamon, citrus flavours, apples and cloves - need I say more?!



4. Mock Champagne Punch
With sparkling mineral water, giner ale and white grape juice, this is a great New Year's Eve drink for little ones, or for celebration toasts for special occasions.



5. Strawberry Mint Fizz
Muddle some limes, mint and strawberries for this alcohol-free delight.



6. Chocolate Mock-tini
Just like a chocolate milkshake only - fancy.



7. English Garden Sipper
A mix of iced tea, raspberry juice, lemon and fresh raspberries, with a the name like this and a little garnish you have the makings of an excellent mocktail.



8. Smart-ini
A smart drink to serve any designated drivers. A refreshing combination of pineapple juice, lime juice and cranberry juice.



9. Mojito Mocktail
With refereshing flavours of mint and limes, this is the perfect kind of mocktail to while away the Summer afternoons in the sun.



10. Sunshine Swizzle Punch
Limeade and lemonade combine with raspberry sherbet for a tart but sweet party punch that your guests will love!

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