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Christmas in July - once a year is just not enough!

Once a year is just not enough – hence why Christmas in July is becoming more and more popular with each passing year! Perfectly situated in the middle of winter (so THIS is what a cold Christmas feels like?), it’s the perfect way to celebrate getting halfway through the year (we here at Shindigs like to celebrate most things!) So dust of the bon bons, the green and red tableware and the Chrissy decorations – it’s time for Christmas in July! This helpful little guide will help you plan everything (think of us as your trusty elf helpers!)


Decorations and balloons are a necessity and are heaps easy for a Christmas party – green, red, gold, silver and white balloons are perfect for it! The same could be said for decorations – there’s Christmas specific decorations, snowflakes, red lanterns, green hanging swirls, foil chandeliers – the list goes on! Some tinsel around the table would also look a treat (is a Christmas without tinsel really Christmas?)


Tableware, tablecovers, napkins and cups are pretty much the same, in that there are Christmas specific ones, plain coloured ones and even disposable plastic glassware, if you’re having a large crowd over! Our Christmas ranges (e.g. Sparkle Tree) are so lovely and go perfectly with heaps of different decorations – why not try them with our clear silver star tablecover and some white pillar candles? Or you could do gold / silver tablecovers, with red cups, green plates and matching cutlery. Let that festive creativity flow!


Speaking of creativity, making some delicious Christmas treats can be the perfect outlet to release it! Whether it be little Christmas tree strawberries (made using green buttercream icing), mint white hot chocolates, a beautiful platter in the shape of a Christmas tree or wreath, or some Christmas themed lollies and candy canes – the guests are sure to love them! 


For the adults, some Christmas themed cocktails might be in order! As long as they’re festive, bright and taste amazing, they’re perfect for Christmas in July! There’s the Jack Frost cocktail (a version of a pina colada using blue curacao and shredded coconut) or various minty cocktails using candy canes as a garnish. There’s also the salted caramel eggnog – sure to keep you nice and warm on a cold July night!


There's heaps of Christmas in July Party supplies online at Shindigs.
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