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Shindigs has eggsactly what you're after for Easter!

Time to start decorating hats for the parade, hiding chocolate eggs around the house for the kids to find and leaving some carrots out for everyone’s favourite bunny – Easter’s nearly here! Shindigs has got all of your Easter decorations, party favours, Easter eggs (in a bulk pack, no less!) and other goodies that’ll have everyone hopping with joy! (Can you tell that we love Easter?!)


We’ve recently got in heaps of different decorations, like little bunnies and little chickens that would look adorable on top of a hat (for the much anticipated Easter hat parades) or around the house! We’ve even got some Easter bunny footprints to put on the floor (to trace the Easter bunny’s tracks straight to the plate of carrots!)


Can’t forget the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt that the kid’s love to do (and the young at heart, too!) As well as Easter eggs, there’s heaps of different treats to make – these bunny bum pancakes are perfect for Easter breakie!


There’s more sweet treats that can be created using some handy cake decorating supplies and a bit of imagination – check out the images below to inspire you! (And also make you a bit hungry…)


If you’re looking to cut back on the sweets, we’ve got some cute Easter themed containers that you can fill with party favours – all of the fun without the sweets!


If you’re looking to dress up, as well as create some memorable Easter hats for a school Easter hat parade, we’ve got it sorted! Glitter hats that can be decorated with cotton balls, chicken or bunny figurines; bunny ear headbands and other Easter themed costume accessories!


Hop on in to Shindigs for all of your Easter celebration needs – there’s no doubt that we’ll have eggsactly what you need!