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The perfect Easter celebration guide!

Easter is nearly upon us and it's the perfect time to start planning an awesome celebration for it! From the decorations and tableware to the treats (obviously including lots of chocolate eggs and general chocolate goodness!), this handy little blog will give you some ideas to inspire and motivate you to throw a celebration all of your guests (including a certain bunny...) will remember. We'll even include some delicious cocktail ideas for the adults to enjoy while the kids are hunting Easter eggs - we're just that nice!


Decorations (such as tissue paper pom poms and paper lanterns) and tableware are easy. You could follow a pastel colour scheme (pink, purple and yellow are used the most often) to choose the hanging decorations and balloons (polka dot balloons are perfect for Easter), paint and decorate foam eggs to scatter over a table (or use for an Easter egg hunt) and use the same colour scheme for tableware (or obviously use Easter themed tableware.) Some nests with Easter eggs in the middle would also look an absolute treat! These chocolate crackle nests with candy eggs serve as both a delicious treat and beautiful decoration. 




A well decorated party table is an essential at any party, but for an Easter party you can get heaps creative and have fun with your decorations. Feel free to steal some inspiration from the pictures below to use for your table. 


Chocolate eggs are a must at the party, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to get creative with the party treats! Some lovingly decorated cake pops, some bunny themed biscuits and some carrot cake (which can also be left out for a certain visitor...) would be a huge hit. Easter treats are usually so pretty, they can double as decorations too! That is, until they're hoovered up by the guests... But they're beautiful while they last!


And, as promised, some delicious drinks for the adults. It's easy to create some wonderful Easter themed cocktails and the rewards are certainly worth the minimal effort. You could make a scrumptious carrot cake martini, a beautiful creme egg cocktail or a stunning light pink "Easter Basket." (Pinterest links included in pictures.) Heaven in a glass!


Now you're ready to plan your Easter celebration and wow all of your guests! And we promise, the creative process of the party will be just as much fun as the party itself. 

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