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The best food for St Patrick's Day - to be sure, to be sure!

Preparing treats can be fun and stress-free for any occasion, with a little help from us here at Shindigs. And St Patrick's Day is no exception! Unleash your inner Irish-ness and allow your creativity to help you create some truly wonderful party treats. (Who needs a 4-leafed clover when you've got us?) From decorating the table, to some pre-made green (obviously) lollies and even some DIY food and drink ideas, this blog post is here to ensure you're never at a loss for party treat ideas - we'll be your guide across the rainbow to the pot of gold at the end!


For starters, some drinks to keep the guests occupied until your wonderful culinary creations are ready! Some delicious green milkshakes (made with some mint ice cream) would be perfect for the young and young at heart! Or, for a more mature drink, some sparkling shamrock champagne, made by adding a splash of Midori to champagne. Yum! (Plastic champagne flutes and green cups available on our online store.)


For treats to serve with the drinks, the list really is endless! But don't stress, we'll narrow it down to a few excellent options for you. Some green jelly beans (or other green lollies) are easy pre-made options, but if you're looking to create some treats yourself, some delicious lime squares would be a huge hit with your guests! Of course, we can't forget the party staple - cake! Whether it be one large cake or some beautiful cupcakes / cake pops adorned with Irish themed decorations, everyone will love them. You can use green fondant to cut out shamrocks, or use different coloured fruit sticks or licorice to create a rainbow with some chocolate coins at the end. Not only will it be loads of fun to create, your guests will be truly impressed by your baking skills! (Cake decorating and making supplies available on our online store.)


As for serving these treats and drinks, we've also got your back! Cupcake stands, table decorations - it's all here! Some St Patrick's Day themed decorations will help the food table look a treat itself, whilst our green tableware and decorative serving supplies covers all of your serving needs. (See? We told you it'd be easy!)


Preparing the food for your St Patrick's Day party will be easy and fun with this handy little guide. (We promise your guests will be very impressed!)

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