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Australia Day 2018 – Decorations and More!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi! This Australia Day is gonna be bonza! Time to crack open a cold one, put on ya pluggers and inflate the above ground pool! Shindigs has got all of your Australiana items (they’re so good, they can go straight to the pool room!) We’ve got decorations, tableware, balloons and some fair dinkum ideas in this handy little blog for your Australia Day celebration!




Firstly, any good celebration needs some good snacks! Don’t forget the fairy bread, Tim Tams, meat pies and (of course) the sausage sangas! You could also create some sweet treats with the colours of the Australian flag (or green and gold) – too easy, mate!




Some beer will need to be served with the food! You can find our disposable plastic cups here. (We even have some Australian flag plastic cups!)




Everything else can be served on some Australian flag tableware – we’ve got cups, napkins, tablecovers and plates. We’ve even got coloured cutlery to match!




Australians love wearing their Aussie pride on their sleeve and that can easily be achieved with some Aussie themed costume accessories! There’s wigs, hats, capes and even some make-up accessories that can be used for any Australia Day celebration! (Don’t forget the Australian flag temporary tattoos – a must for any Australia Day celebration!)




There’s heaps of decorations that can be used for an Australia Day celebration! Some Australian balloons, table decorating kits, hanging decorations, cut-outs and, of course, Australian flags to decorate the place!




Check out our full range of Australia Day party supplies on our website, or visit us in-store.